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Executive Team

Barbara Crowley

Barbara Crowley

Dan Alisson

Dan Allison

Debbie Hannam

Debbie Hannam

Chief Executive Officer: Barbara Crowley

An advocate at the highest level

Affiliated with Brokers Clearing House for her entire career, chief executive officer Barbara Crowley also represents the family that proudly founded the firm more than 40 years ago. As such, she has been an integral part of our success. With Barb on your team, you have an advocate at the highest level at each insurance company.

President: Dan Allison

Building a well-balanced practice

Through Dan Allison, Brokers Clearing House brings solutions that build all areas of your business. In addition to his responsibilities as president, Dan is the founder of the Feedback Marketing Group. His consulting firm has counseled thousands of advisors around the world to more effectively leverage their relationships and earn more referrals. If you are interested in building your business through referrals, Dan is a priceless resource.

Chief of Operations: Debbie Hannam

A true partner for advisors

With more than 19 years of experience directly supporting our advisors and their clients, Debbie brings a different perspective to her operations oversight. While overseeing the day to day service model of our company, Debbie also supports a team of advisors to ensure that she stays current with this everchanging industry and the needs that your clients have. She is an invaluable resource to our staff and advisors alike.