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I’m Not a “Life Insurance Guy”

I’m Not a “Life Insurance Guy”

Brokers Clearing House is committed to helping advisors protect their clients from financial disaster. But all too often we hear statements like these from the financial professionals we serve: I don’t really do a lot of life insurance. I’m not really a life insurance agent. My colleagues and I hear these statements constantly from people who provide investment guidance, health insurance benefits, property and casualty services, and other financial services to their clients. Yet, at the very moment they make those statements they are serving hundreds of mothers and fathers who are not covered because nobody has ever asked them about life insurance. These same mothers and fathers would willingly die for their families, but their loved ones will be left unprotected should that event actually happen.

Imagine for a moment your family hearing the news that they had lost you to an untimely death. Your wife or husband, your children—everyone in your family—would be emotionally devastated. Now take that emotional devastation and pile financial devastation on top of it. With a drastically reduced income, they might be facing foreclosure on a mortgage they can no longer afford, and setting aside their hopes and dreams because college tuition will never happen. This is not an imaginary scenario—it’s something that happens every single day to real families like the ones you serve. For a few bucks a month the families that you serve every day would be protected from the financial devastation that happens as a result of an unexpected death. Nobody deserves that kind of stress in the midst of an unimaginable emotional crisis, yet it happens every day.

If your clients knew just how inexpensively they could purchase a basic term insurance policy, most of them would buy it in a heartbeat. Does that make you a salesman? There is not a widow alive who received a death benefit check that would tell you life insurance is a scam.

Our industry has done much to harm itself and tarnish its reputation. Please don’t let that detract from providing families with critical protection against financial disaster. Life insurance isn’t about clever sales concepts and closing techniques. At its core, it’s about protecting families from the devastation that none of us wants to experience, but many of us will. As I wrote these words, another family lost a father or mother who never considered purchasing life insurance. Don’t let it happen to any of your clients.