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Four Simple Ways to Double Revenue in the Second Half of 2014

Four Simple Ways to Double Revenue in the Second Half of 2014

Every year as I turn my calendar to July 1st I have the same thought: “Where did the first half of the year go?” It’s hard to believe that six months have passed since I solidified my plans to come into the year more productive than ever. At this point, I always look for changes I could make to ramp up my productivity and finish the year strong. The lull of summer is at times similar to the lull of the holiday season, and planning to come back strong is always my intent. I have worked on my plans to finish strong, and maybe you are in the same frame of mind. If so, here are four ways you can use Brokers Clearing House to ensure that you not only finish the year strong, but significantly enhance your revenues.

Get More Referrals

“Easier said than done,” I am sure you are thinking. If that is the case, you haven’t really used our turnkey referral training center. All of the advisors who do business with us have access to this training center that can make referrals easier than ever. I spent the last 10 years as the owner of a consulting firm called Feedback Marketing Group. Our whole focus was developing strategies to help advisors earn more referrals without compromising their relationships or ever feeling uncomfortable. The knowledge gained during ten years of my life is available to you simply for doing business with us. This can have a huge impact on your business. If you want more referrals, watch this video.


Please, Please, Please Evaluate Your Existing Clients’ Insurance Policies!

Without a doubt, there are countless clients out there who already own life insurance policies and have no idea what they actually bought. Even worse, thousands of policies are lapsing every single day! Why does this happen? The answer is simple. Many times, a producer sells a policy, makes a commission, and moves on to the next prospect. This means that you probably serve many clients who have already made insurance decisions but have never had those decisions looked at.

Our turnkey Performance Evaluation process makes it as easy as it can be for you to offer this service to your clients and bring revenue in your business. We simply rely on you to ask your clients if they have a life insurance policy. If they do, simply ask when was the last time it was reviewed. The answer most likely will be “Never.” You can then take two minutes to gather some basic information and get that information to our staff. We will take it from there. More than 60% of the policies we look at can be significantly improved. If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your service to clients, diversify your business, and grow your revenues, watch this video.


Help Your Clients Who Own a Business

Much like our insurance review process, business owners also could use some evaluations of the decisions they have made in the past. Many have buy-sell agreements in place that they paid thousands for but have never had reviewed. Why? Because it’s expensive… period! Meanwhile, aspects of their business often change, turning these important legal documents into ticking time bombs.

We have aligned ourselves with a resource that provides legal professionals who will conduct extensive reviews of your business owners’ buy-sell documents to point out any exposure they may have. The results are incredible. Your clients save thousands in legal fees and can fill the voids that may be exposing them to catastrophe.

In addition, we have aligned ourselves with accounting experts who will provide your clients with a complimentary valuation of their business. If a business owner doesn’t know what their business is worth, chances are they are not protecting it correctly. This valuation is great for the business owner and also allows you to help them protect what they have worked so hard to build. The average commission received by advisors who have had this process completed for their business owner clients is $33,000. Not bad for helping a client improve their situation. To learn more, watch this video.


Protect the Families You Serve in Minutes!

Many advisors don’t offer term life insurance to clients even though they know their clients should probably have it. Any breadwinner with young children should have life insurance, and the premium may be as low as $20 per month to get significant coverage in place. Most would buy it if they knew how inexpensive it is. Sadly, most advisors don’t bring up this topic because the life insurance industry has made insurance hard to deal with in the past… loads of paperwork, uncomfortable medical questions, and many other details made it tough to offer consistently. That has all changed with is our proprietary website that allows you to quote and submit term life insurance in minutes. No paperwork, no signatures, no uncomfortable medical conversations. It is truly the most efficient way to protect the families you serve while adding revenue to your bottom line without ever having to leave your comfort zone. Take a look at this brief video to learn how this awesome website works.


Dan Allison