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Help Your Clients with Their Greatest Fears…Besides Public Speaking

Help Your Clients with Their Greatest Fears…Besides Public Speaking

You’ve probably heard that the greatest fear most people have is public speaking, and their second greatest fear is death. That means at a funeral, many of us would pick lying dead in the casket over standing up and giving the eulogy. Although I find this conclusion somewhat questionable, people do have many fears that are legitimate.

Many of your clients fear dying too young. I am one of them. I am in the accumulation phase of my life. But while I am accumulating, I have many obligations… paying down my mortgage, sending my children to college, and ensuring I have enough income to continually provide for our lifestyle and still accumulate. What if I die too young? In an instant my income will be gone. But I still want the same lifestyle for my family, no matter what happens to me. I want my mortgage to be paid off. I want my kids to go to college. How will that be possible if I’m not here? The answer is simple. I have life insurance. Check.

What if I don’t die too young? Good for me and my family. At some point I hope to retire. Many of us hope to do that around 65 or 70 years old. My wife and I lead such a healthy lifestyle that one or both of us could live well into our nineties. What if we live too long? How do we ensure that we set aside enough money during the accumulation phase so we can live the way we want without having to worry about running out of money? Seriously, who wants to spend their later years hoping they will die with good timing?

Finally, what if my wife or I get seriously ill at some point in our lives? It is estimated that nursing or medical care for most of us will exceed $200,000. Where will that money come from, and what impact will our medical expenses have on how long our retirement assets will last?

Life insurance isn’t what it used to be. If you have put your head under the covers ignoring the amazing flexibility of today’s life insurance, you may be missing incredible opportunities to serve your clients.

At a recent meeting I had the privilege of hearing Joe Ross of AIG speak about today’s life insurance. Specifically, he talked about a strategy that they have developed for protecting a client if they die too soon, live too long, or get sick in between. Do your clients a favor and watch this 7-minute video. Then do yourself a favor and contact our staff to help you provide this amazing solution to your clients. Heck, take a look at this solution for yourself!